Soundness, Health, Intuition, intelligence, drive, off-switch, versatility.


What is a traditional Old Time Scotch Collie?

Old Time Scotch Collies keep jobs ranging from guardian work to scent work, family shadow dogs, herding dogs, all-around farm management, therapy dogs, agility, and so much more! They will exterminate rodents while keeping the skies free from predators eyeing your chickens. If you don't have a farm job for them, they will content themselves in watching over you and your family as their sole purpose in life. 

These dogs can work! We only breed working tested parents. They are gentle as can be and only use force when necessary... But grit they do have! Basic training and shadowing consistently while the pup is young leads to a very sound dog that with time takes a great interest in chore work and helping out with the routine. Finding a working dog is possible, but these farm shepherds are just as content to lay at your feet when there is no task at hand. The "off-switch." This is an absolutely crucial part this landrace breed. They are happy to make loving a family its most important and even only job if called upon to use its many talents in this way.

Our Farm Shepherds should excel at meeting these criteria.

Landrace Breed

These all-around Old Farm Collies used to pepper the countrysides and were indispensable helpers on homesteads and farms. The busy shepherds did not have a lot of extra time to take for training, so these dogs had to be born with intuition and ability paired with control and a strong desire to please. The best of these dogs were paired with the best neighboring farm shepherd dog who would have been admired for its abilities forming the OTSC landrace breed that we have today. We seek to continue this tradition here in our kennel as we work together breeding useful and companionable OTSC partners for versatile purposes. This means a versatile body type without compromising the soundness, health, or the very special mind that these dogs retain.

About the breeders

Located in SW Virginia, we work together testing, training, and raising our OTSC pups. Finding an ideal placement for each pup is a priority, and we count on our buyers being open to our insights on what would be best for each situation. Puppy Culture, genetic testing, proper vet care, and instinct testing are all part of the package. Parents are proven in health and drive before considered a part of our program.