Soundness, Health, Intuition, intelligence, drive, off-switch, versatility.

Sire: Benji 4-5-2016

 Benji is bold and tough. He easily handles and transitions having worked chicks, neighbor goats, primitive horned sheep, llamas, cattle, and even pigs on occasion. He is gentle as can be until more force is required. Intuitive with a strong desire to please, he would rather manipulate a situation and use his mind than to physically be involved if possible. For example, he will bounce to spoof the goats and set them to a run to move in the proper direction. If required, Benji will move in, but often his creativity pays off. He is a barker, using his voice also to manipulate. Benji is a natural gatherer of stock and a feet warmer whenever that is possible. He is very bonded and wants more than anything else to be beside his favorite person at all times. Reserved, Benji is not a fan of strangers until we tell him it is OK. Then he uses his nose a assess for himself. He is a tracking dog, having located many coons, possums, and fox dens for us. He once found the skeleton of a lamb for us and brought us to it in a mournful fashion.  Benji loves his family and works for us all, but is bonded especially to his favorite person. He has a strong old fashioned "look-back" and responds well to a point for intuitive working. It was easy to teach him, "Not that sheep, but this one." when herding based on his desire to please and look-back with pointing directions. 

 Benji's herding syle is intuitive. He works differently for different species and mindset of animals. He has a loose eye and calls off easily. He was born a natural gatherer.  He will bark while working to keep the momentum. We have trained him to walk and put low pressure at a distance. Benji often instinctively knows what to do even when we are wrong.  We often go for periods of time when there is no work to be done. No matter to Benji. Being with us is enough.

 Benji has been Embark DNA tested to be clear or everything. He has been PENN hip tested: Right DI=.34, Left DI=.33 He has a naturally bobbed tail and weighs approximately 47 lbs. Moderate teflon coat. Link to Benji's OTSC registration :

Retired Dam: Violet 2-23-2018

 Violet has been retired from breeding and currently lives on a cattle farm. She has had preliminary training in herding sheep, watches the sky to deter unwanted activity, and has been considered for a canine therapy dog program. Her instincts are good and she has a strong desire to bond and please. Violet holds the gate nicely and helps to maintain order on her farm. She is very maternal and  watchful and loving with children, though her master is her favorite person. Violet creatively communicates and leads in difficult challenging situations. She once alerted her owner to one of her pups being trapped inside a pillow by barking and scratching at a pillow in her crate - very unlike her! Violet then proceeded to take her shepherd to the pup in peril with a happy ending.

  She has been a proven and wonderful mother herself. Violet is a much loved dog by us all and has been a very important dog to our kennel even though she will not have the opportunity to have more pups. She is social and loving to everyone she meets. We value and love her dearly! Link to Violet's OTSC registration:

Dam: Lorna 2-23-2019

Lorna is a very loving and maternal dog. Takes to training easily. She has herded sheep and cows beautifully and understands a point and a plea. My daughter once was frustrated with a very large horned buck that would not halter walk and used no command words but simply begged Lorna to help her. Lorna snapped right into action giving the buck a little reminder nip of who is boss and then fanning back and forth behind him at an intuitively effective distance to keep the buck moving forward without dragging my daughter behind him. We have many stories of Lorna and her unique ways of understanding us. She is quite an endearing ally!  
Lorna groups sheep and is a natural mover.  She has very sound intuition and prefers to be gentle whenever possible. Lorna works with old fashioned "look-back," and did not need much training beyond observation to know how to jump in and help. She herds quietly rarely barking and in an upright manner listening well to direction.

 This shepherd is very maternal and will often circle and stand between what she perceives as danger and my children. Lorna is very reserved with strangers and takes time to warm up to them. When walking in the woods, she will not let the kids out of her sight. Lorna takes family seriously. She is a natural water dog and loves to swim and splash.
Vermin don't stand a chance with Lorna around. She will alert to grain robbers and trash can openers hunting them down. She will guard our chicks and run hawks off efficiently. Lorna barks to guard against coyotes and bobcats that she identifies on the perimeter of our property.
 Lorna has been Embark DNA tested to be carrier/ clear on both MDR1 and CEA. Everything else on her panel is clear. She has been PENN Hip tested: Right DI=.38, Left DI=.36 She has  a long and full tail with a moderate coat that sheds debris and weighs approximately 42 lbs. Link to Lorna's OTSC registration:

New to the program: Peach 11-20-2019

 Peach  is a new addition to our kennel. We are watching her grow and ....

Link to Peach's OTSC Puppy registration: